Corporate Social Responsibility


An act of good deeds 

Hunger out is an initiatives of King Hospitality Services, which aims to feed the needy ones in diversified pillars as follows:

It’s a gesture of being kind enough to the community left abandoned, we strongly believe in making big difference by our small deeds. It’s a beginning and we strive towards the wellbeing of OUR local community.

Food for Destitute

We are committed enough and strive constantly towards eradicating the hunger of homeless & destitute around us

Victims of Natural Calamities

Our vision is to aid the community which stranded due to natural calamities like floods, cyclone, outbreak of any pandemic etc. we aim to  sweep away their hunger by distributing meals.

Community Fridge

A fridge is being deployed for general public in common place with some perishable food items in it. A person indeed of food can certainly get benefit out of it at free of cost.

Stray Pets

A forward thinking and way beyond being normal, not only humans we care for pets too! Committed to feed the stray pets sustainably in and around us.

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